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Upper Guadalupe River Reach 10B Final Channel, California
Suulutaaq performed as the primary subcontractor to MIE Construction to realign a reach of the Guadalupe River in Santa Clara County, California under a contract with the San Francisco District of the US Army Corps of Engineers. This project realigned approximately 1,700 linear feet of the Upper Guadalupe River to allow for a greater flood plain and to restore and replace aquatic habitat. Approximately 650 linear feet of channel was completely realigned. In that section, the existing channel was excavated and 10,500 cubic yards of material were stockpiled on-site. An additional 5,500 cubic yards were re-embanked to shape the new channel. To accomplish this excavation the entire river was bypassed using a primary and secondary pumping system. Care was taken to avoid any damage or impact to fish, the river, and the environment. An additional 1,500 cubic yards of excavation was performed in the bottom of the channel to allow for the placement of 16 root wad structures and rock grade control structures.

The remainder of the impacted channel required the construction of riffles and pools created from imported rock. The material excavated from the bottom of this portion of the channel was also stockpiled on-site. Approximately 7,000 tons of aggregate was imported to the project from a commercial source. This material was hauled using on-road trucks traveling through communities consisting of businesses and neighborhoods. Haul routes and traffic control were reviewed and approved by the City of San Jose.  This complex project that had to be completed within the in water work window of June 1st through October 1st.

The primary access point to the construction was from the west side of the channel. A temporary ramp was constructed near the upstream end of the channel to allow for the placement of culverts. No equipment was allowed to operate in the Guadalupe flowing waters and all flows had to be diverted prior to placement of any rock.

Restoration of the new channel required plantings of native material. Approximately 600 willow poles were imported and planted.  Another 300 willow cuttings were preserved on site and planted in and adjacent to the channel. After all the grading work was completed, final erosion control seeding was performed.  At temporary irrigation system was installed to irrigate the native seeding and willows.

This project involved on-going public relations with the adjacent community as well as close coordination with the local regulatory agencies. Due to the nature of in-water work, there were multiple regulatory agencies to coordinate with and multiple time constraints associated. This project was completed safely, under schedule and to the satisfaction of the US Army Corps of Engineers and the community.

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