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Napa Valley Wine Train Relocation, California
Suulutaaq executed the Napa Valley Wine Train flood control improvement project under a contract awarded by the US Army Corp of Engineers - Sacramento District.  This complex project was performed to reduce flooding impacts to downtown Napa, while keeping the Napa Valley Wine Train running on the existing track without interruption or delay in service during construction activities. Innovation and partnering with many stakeholders on this project enabled Suulutaaq to create and implement a successful plan to overcome design, timing, and multiple agency concerns.  Elements of the project, in addition to construction, included overall project management, environmental protection, and community outreach.

Flood control improvements constructed as part of this project included of three bridges, as well as raising an existing railroad track at three street crossings.  The three street crossings also required significant upgrades of existing utilities, as well as new retaining walls to protect multiple existing businesses and residences. Railroad-related work also included installing approximately 3,300 linear feet of new rail.

Suulutaaq, through partnering, effective project scheduling, meetings, and assigning a competent, confident and knowledgeable management team bridged communication issues between multiple government agencies and the Napa community, to successfully complete the project ahead of schedule and at minimal additional cost to the client.

As Prime Contractor, Suulutaaq completed: 1)Structural Concrete Floodwalls; 2)Site Concrete (Curb, Gutter, Sidewalk); 3)Structural Bridge Concrete; 4)Structural Forms & Rebar Work: 5)Pipe Piles; 6)Sheet Piles; 7)Cofferdams; 8)In-River Structural Bridge Work; 9)Rail Road, Signals; 10)Underground Dry Utilities; 11)Jack & Bore for 48” Pipe Sections; 12)Street and Bridge Lighting; 13)New Transformers, Meters, and Panels; 14)AC Paving; 15) AC Striping & Signage; 16)Wood Framing; 17)Painting; 18)ADA Metal Handicap Ramps; 19)Wall Waterproofing; 20)Landscaping (Both Design Build & Hard Bid); and  21)Irrigation (Both Design Build & Hard Bid). 

Suulutaaq compressed the original 22 month complete road closure schedule to 9 months by developing and implementing a street closure plan in conjunction with City, County, and Federal officials and local stakeholders.

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