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Mormon Island Auxiliary Dam (MIAD) Overlay, California
Suulutaaq is currently executing a firm fixed-price contract for the United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation to upgrade the Mormon Island Auxiliary Dam (MIAD). MIAD is the second phase of “Safety of Dams” modifications to the Mormon Island Auxiliary Dam. Located approximately two miles east of Folsom, California, MIAD is a component of the “Folsom Project,” which also includes Folsom Dam and Reservoir and eight earthfilled dikes.

The construction means and methods for the MIAD project include the overlay of five distinct material zones with ten different zone configurations to be placed on the downstream side of the dam. These zoned materials, consisting of sand, gravel, and crushed rock, will be processed onsite to meet the Bureau of Reclamation’s stringent specifications. Suulutaaq has created a Quality Control Plan to address: 1) the distinct zone separation requirements for proper moisture content, 2) coordination between adjacent zones due to lift thickness and 3) prevention of contamination from adjacent zones.

The top of the dam, currently stands at 100 feet above Green Valley Road and is 900-feet long by 25 feet wide. When Suulutaaq completes the dam reinforcements, we will have placed an estimated 1.7 million cubic yards, widening the crest of the dam an estimated 80 feet.

This project consists of site preparation to include construction for development of contractor use areas; implementation of security measures; clearing and grubbing; development of water control and erosion measures; and excavation of 106,000 cubic yards of existing embankments. The work also consists of processing, sorting, stockpiling, and placing 450,000 cubic yards of filter and gravel drain material; 1.3 million cubic yards of shell-fill material from an existing waste/stockpile located on-site, and 51,000 cubic yards of rip rap and coble slope protection. In addition, Suulutaaq will excavate 17,300 cubic yards of material from the toe of the existing dam to install drain systems consisting of pipe and filter material. This work involves extensive dewatering and unwatering of the work site, foundation preparation, installation of pipe, and inspection wells and zone backfill work activities. Site Restoration will include: 1) removal of haul roads; 2) restoration of borrow areas, stockpile locations, and other use areas; 3) placement of top soils; 4) establishment of new vegetation; 5) replacement of security barrier boulders; and 6) long term Storm Water Pollution Prevention controls for the site.

Anticipated completion date is December of 2015.

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