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Marsh Creek Restoration Project, California
Suulutaaq restored a portion of Marsh Creek in Oakley, California to natural conditions under a contract with the City of Oakley. Marsh Creek had originally been a meandering creek, but had been straightened in the 1960’s into a trapezoidal flood control channel.

This project included restoring approximately 3 acres of riparian habitat by creating a widened floodplain along 900 feet of Marsh Creek and constructing a design-build pedestrian bridge across the widened floodplain section. The project also included improvements to existing pathways, creating new pathways, relocating existing subsurface utilities, landscaping, placement of interpretive signs, and other related work.

The new floodplain required excavating a bench into the existing creek bank with cuts up to 13 feet. The new floodplain was approximately 120 feet wide at mean low water.   Approximately 27,000 cubic yards of material was excavated to create the floodplain. Careful planning and execution insured that no contamination of the existing creek occurred. The bridge construction consisted of 2 new pier supported abutments and wing walls, a steel bridge structure along with a concrete deck.

Specific challenges faced included tight scheduling, environmental concerns, and minimizing public disturbance. Suulutaaq was given a very short timeframe from the Notice to Proceed to the deadline to complete certain phases of work to comply with existing permit deadlines. However, Suulutaaq still completed this job ahead of schedule.

Construction of many features required work to be done extremely close to the channel, as well as over the channel.  The risk was mitigated by strategically keeping the existing channel undisturbed for as long as practicable to complete as much of the work as feasible before making the final cut and exposing the newly created floodplain to the existing creek.

Other challenges included working within a very active community, park and trail system, and in proximity to residential developments.  Public satisfaction was maintained by keeping in close contact with the City of Oakley to ensure that any public concerns were addressed swiftly.  Suulutaaq succeeded in keeping the Marsh Creek Regional Trail open to the public for the majority of the project and keeping the majority of Creekside Park open to the public the during entire project.

Suulutaaq self-performed a large portion of this project (57%), including clearing, mass excavation, fine grading, erosion control, concrete bridge abutments (piers, beams, and walls), erection of the steel bridge structure, and aggregate base.

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